We're Emily (from Louisville, KY) and Alan (from Glasgow, Scotland), husband and wife and founders of The Caledonia Design Co. 

We began dating after an unlikely meeting at a bar crawl Amsterdam. Three years later we married. Because we are from two different countries, we decided to have two different weddings (one in Scotland and one in the U.S.) So you could say we're basically wedding experts... 

From our experience of planning two weddings, we know how daunting and, at times, overwhelming it can be. That's why we set out to simplify the process for other engaged couples by creating the The Dream Wedding Planner.


We love that we can guide couples in creating their perfect day while removing a lot of the uncertainty and stress of it all. And we also love that couples can treasure their planner and their memories from the big day in the included gift box for years to come.




We wanted to create the most comprehensive, well-designed and luxurious wedding planners available. We hope that we have achieved this, though we are always striving for improvements. We're always genuinely delighted when we hear from our customers and it makes our day to hear that another couple has been able to benefit from, and found joy in, our planners. 


We're branching out now into weekly, monthly planners (My Yearly Planner) and dotted notebooks (My.Journal). We hope that you love them just as much as our wedding planners have been enjoyed. 

We recently relocated from the U.K. to live in Nashville, TN, where we hope to grow our range of planners and that they continue to delight and inspire. 

Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Emily & Alan x


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