10 Fabulous Wedding Fads: New Trends in Unforgettable Wedding Style

The 2019 wedding season is witnessing a rebirth in naturally elegant wedding style. Gone are the over the top ceremonies and party favor filled receptions. Weddings in 2019 are all about heartfelt celebrations of the bride and groom’s union among friends, family, and favorite people.

Check out these fabulous wedding fads for 2019 to find some inspiration of your own.

1. Classic, Clean Lines and Asymmetry in Bridal Fashion

This season, bridal runway featured dresses wrapped in simplistic elegance and clean, structural lines. These dresses set the tone of the entire event, where each detail focuses on the love between two people in the purest of ways.

2. Lush Color and Texture in Flowers and Linens

Pops of strategically placed color can take a wedding ceremony and reception from old to bold. Whether wine colored roses weave themselves through white peonies and lush greenery, or velvet napkins adorn each place setting, your guests will feel the warmth and positive vibes of each wedding moment.

3. Food Fancy

2019 trends in wedding style shift the focus back on the guest experience. What better way to do that than with food? Try an interactive food station or two, or create beautiful displays of artfully crafted nibbles that guests can enjoy throughout the night.

4. Ethical, Locally Sourced, Or Eco-Friendly Fare

Whether it's sourcing your flowers from local growers, purchasing bridal attire made from ethically manufactured fabric, or serving only organic fare, weddings this year are all about celebrating the big event in a socially responsible way.

5. Ditching the Tux and Suiting Up

Most men don’t need a tux, but they can always benefit from a well-made suit. Take the time this year to outfit your groom’s party in smartly tailored suits. And don’t be afraid to play with a mix of patterns, fabrics, and colors. Three-piece suits are exceptionally handsome on the groom himself.

6. Traditional Tiered Wedding Cakes

Many couples this year are moving away from alternative wedding cake craze. The cupcake towers, donut bars, and sweets stations are on their way out. Instead, the star of the dessert table is the elegant cake stacked with layer after layer of moist cake and buttercream frosting.

7. Greenery and Grasses

Bring the outside in with greens and natural grasses of all kinds. Adorning your ceremony and reception with eucalyptus sprays or pampas grasses can instantly inject a natural, organic feel to your event.

8. Bridesmen And Grooms-Mates

There’s no reason your best friend can’t be your “Man of Honor” or your “Best-Mate.” Don’t keep tradition from blurring your wedding party line. Expect to see many weddings this year with male friends standing next to the bride, and woman friends standing next to the groom.

9. Free Yourself from The Frills

Pinterest is one of the best places to find a fountain of wedding inspiration. But, if you’re not careful, you may end up drowning yourself in overambitious detail. Make your inspiration boards, but when it’s time to finalize your details, choose just one or two of your favorite pins.

10. Unconventional Bridesmaid Dresses

Becoming a bridesmaid is a privilege, but what do you do with the dress when it’s all said and done? Open up the boundaries by playing with pattern, color, and cut, so your bridesmaids get more than just one use out of their dress.

Find further tips on planning your dream wedding in our other blog articles, and you can find our Dream Wedding Planners in our store.


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