10 Questions To Ask Any DJ

It’s time to party now that you’ve said “I do.” Transitioning from ceremony to reception is an important component of your wedding — one that sets the tone for the remainder of the celebration.

One of the most important choices that will make or break your reception is the DJ. But, how do you know if the DJ you’re hiring has the right stuff? Here are 10 crucial questions you should ask to find out.

1. Do you have a list of references?

While a list of references isn’t absolutely imperative, especially if your potential DJ has a website with many positive reviews, it is a bonus to have a substantial listing of names you can call up to vouch for the DJ’s excellent reputation.

2. How many people are on your team?

Depending on the size of your wedding, you may or may not need a DJ equipped with an assistant, especially if you need services in two separate locations. If your wedding is small, however, there’s no need to pay extra for two DJs when one will suffice.

3. How much time do you require for setup?

The answer should be, “not that much,” but you’ll want to ask this question to make sure your DJ has enough time to get the equipment together between the point at which the venue becomes available and the start of the reception.

4. How long have you been in business?

Or... “Approximately how many events have you DJ’d for?” If your DJ hasn’t been in business long, that’s fine. But, if you’re considering hiring a newer DJ, you’ll need to be more deliberate in your review process to make sure you and your DJ are on the same line of thought.

5. What kind of equipment do you use?

Acceptable answers vary, but what you should avoid at all costs is the DJ who answers with, “An iPhone and a microphone.” A qualified DJ will have a configuration of professional equipment that may or may not include a turntable, a laptop, speakers, and other choice equipment.

6. Please describe the scope of your services.

The answer you’re looking for should include specific MC services such as announcing the bridal party as they enter the reception, keeping the evening going with well placed verbal cues, and communicating with the wedding party or wedding planner to ensure every component of the evening’s timeline is on track.

7. Do you provide services for both ceremony and reception?

If you do not have other music planned for your ceremony, a DJ is often a popular choice. Depending on the location of your ceremony in relation to the reception this may be easier said than done. Make sure your potential DJ understands your exact requirements.

8. How flexible are you in terms of music variety?

Depending on how picky you are about the music at the reception this question may or may not be that important to you. Either way, ensuring you have music that makes both you and your guests happy is a crucial component of a successful reception.

9. What’s your strategy for keeping the party going?

The intent of this question is to find out how well versed your potential DJ is at detecting lulls, snags, and hiccups in the reception, and recovering quickly in order to keep the party on pace.

10. Are there any songs you refuse to play?

Now, most DJs will play just about anything you want. But, there are some who are more than happy to keep those more annoying songs off the playlist. So, if there are particular ones you absolutely must have at your wedding, make sure they’ve got a copy and they’re ready to play it.

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