12 Months to Go... Wedding Planning Aspects to Consider with One Year to Go

Updated: May 5, 2019

Yay, you’re getting married!

We’re so excited about your engagement and we can’t wait to help guide you through the process of planning your big day. We want to make planning your wedding as simple as possible, so you can enjoy creating your dream wedding.

We know how daunting planning your wedding can seem, so we have put everything in place for you to follow along. Stick with us, and all will go smoothly. You’ve got this!

Announce your exciting news!

Now that you’ve had the most romantic proposal ever, it’s time to start telling everyone about it: the tears, the laughter, the scary long silence before he/she said ‘yes’, and the Dutch courage that was required beforehand.

It’s a good idea to keep yourselves in favour by contacting your closest family and friends before your announcement on social media. They’ll really appreciate it and it’s a special moment for everybody involved.

Next, it’s time to tell the world with a social media post or two: a photo of the engagement ring, the selfie, the magical moment captured by the creepy photographer you placed in the bushes an hour before you arrived at the scene. Word spreads quickly on social media, so it won’t be hard telling the world about your news.

Pick your wedding date

It’s worth starting by choosing a time of year that suits you both, taking into consideration other significant events in life related to work, moving property, or ability to take holidays. Remember that Summer is the most popular time for weddings and this means that venues may be more difficult to secure on your preferred date. It’s a good idea to have two dates in mind just in case the ceremony or reception venue of choice is already booked.

It’s also important to check dates with key family members and friends who will be involved in the wedding, those who live abroad and have a long journey to make, and it’s preferable not to book on major sporting events to avoid disappointment.

Determine your budget

Weddings can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. The average cost of a US wedding is now almost $35,000, and in the UK the average wedding is now a little over £30,000. We recommend planning the wedding that you want, and not to feel bound by the expectation of others, or traditions which may add expense, but which are not important to you.

A key consideration is how large a celebration you would like to have: if you prefer to limit guests to close family and friends then you might allocate a lower budget to the wedding. On the other hand, you might prefer to keep the numbers limited, but throw the party of the century with music provided in person by Sir Elton.

Whichever type of wedding you prefer, it makes sense to agree a budget early on, so that you can start to prioritise the elements which are most important to you.

Attend local wedding shows

Local wedding shows take place regularly through the year all over the country. These are the perfect way to get ideas to make your wedding extra special and may prove to be a valuable few hours spent. A quick google search for local wedding shows will show all upcoming events.

Other good sources include websites such as www.hitched.co.uk, www.theknot.com and wedding magazines such as Brides, which cover topics such as wedding flowers, wedding cake designs, wedding favours, and gifts for bridesmaids. Even if you don't find anything to suit your day, reading such articles can sow the seeds of inspiration!

Check out our '10 Months to go' article for hints and tips on booking your wedding and reception venue, your officiant, your photographer, your band/DJ, your caterer and your florist.


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