2 Months to Go... Wedding Planning Aspects to Consider

Updated: May 5, 2019

In just two short months, all your hard planning will come together to create the perfect day. You’ll be walking down the aisle, saying your vows and dancing the night away. As the excitement continues to grow, it seems like your to-do list is only getting shorter. The most important thing in the last couple months is staying organized. Utilize your lists and planner to make sure everything is on track and in order. Before you know it, your big day will be here.

Finalize Guest List & Send Invitations

Your venue is set, your food is picked and decorations are ordered. Now, it’s time to settle on a final guest list and send out the invitations. Check one last time that all the information is correct, clearly address the envelopes and send them on their way. If you plan on having people mail back there RSVP’s, be sure to include a return envelope that is pre-stamped!

Record RSVP’s

Once you start getting RSVP’s back, you’re going to need to keep the responses organized. There are plenty of guest management tools out there where you can simply input your guest list and then keep track of their responses, any plus ones and meal choices all in one place. Our Dream Wedding Planners have a section dedicated to this, in which you're able to record every detail including whether guests are attending the rehearsal or the big day, meal choice, gift received and whether your thank you card has been sent yet. If you’re on the go a lot, use a management tool that has a matching app, so you can have all the information with you should anything pop up.

Arrange Dress Fittings

You should plan for at least three fittings before the big day: the first fitting to kickoff alterations, a second fitting to confirm the alterations were done properly and a final fitting for any last adjustments.

Before your first fitting, make sure you have everything you’ll be wearing with your dress—undergarments, shoes and accessories—picked out. Going to a fitting with one pair of shoes and wearing a different one on your wedding day could throw off the alterations. Pay close attention to how it looks and feels and bring someone along with you for an extra pair of eyes. Voice any concerns you have to your seamstress to make sure you get that perfect fit.

Schedule your second fitting about a month before your wedding. At this time, make sure that everything you talked about in your first fitting was actually and properly done. Double check for any pulling of the fabric or obvious wrinkles and that you can move—and groove—comfortably.

Have one last look at your final fitting to see that everything looks and feels good. Talk with your seamstress about dress care and what to do should anything happen to it before or on your big day.

Get Your Marriage License

While practically all of your wedding planning goes into your ceremony and reception, getting your marriage license is the most important part of making it legal. Once you know your venue and date you are getting married you can head down to the county clerk’s office to get your marriage license. You can look up online what you need beforehand for your specific location, but most places typically require a driver’s license or passport, birth certificates and at least one witness.

Once you successfully get your marriage license, you and your partner will have to sign it, your officiant will have to sign it and two other witnesses will have to sign it. After the ceremony takes place, the officiant will turn your license back in to the clerk’s office where they will certify it and you’re good to go for, well, forever.

Our wedding planners were created to help you stay organized and on top of every aspect of planning your perfect day. We'll keep you right at every stage. Find our Dream Wedding Planners by clicking the link below.


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