4 Months to Go... Wedding Planning Aspects to Consider

Updated: May 5, 2019

One more season and you’ll be taking the next step to forever with the love of your life. It’s an exciting time but it can also be a stressful time. Now that most of the big wedding decisions have already been made, the next few months will be all about the details. Here a few more to cross off your list.

Order Wedding Invitation & Reply Cards

When ordering your wedding invitations, you should take into consideration the same things you did when ordering your save-the-dates. Make sure things are legible, don’t overcrowd the card with too much information and most importantly, triple check that the information on it is correct.

If you’ve added some extra touches to your invitation, you might want to head down to the post office with an invitation inside of an envelope to get it weighed. The last thing you want is invitations coming back due to insufficient postage!

Order Wedding Cake & Decorations

Now that your major wedding style choices have been made, you can move onto your wedding cake. And for this, there are two big things to consider: frosting and flavor. Do you want decadent buttercream or smooth fondant? Traditional vanilla or a show stopping lemon summer berry?

Weather may be a big factor when it comes to choosing your frosting. In hot climates, whip cream or buttercream can melt and leave you with a droopy cake. For the flavor, follow your taste buds. Sample as many flavors as you want and find the one that makes you smile. Don’t be afraid to stray from traditional flavors and surprise your guests with something bold.

As far as budget goes, most wedding cakes are priced by the slice (i.e. £3/$4 a slice) and extra adornments like fresh flowers or marzipan fruits drive that up.

When it comes to general wedding decorations, we won’t lie. It’s a long list. Everything from menus to programs to guest books will have to be decided. Your best bet is to divide and conquer. Break things up into categories like ceremony, dinner and reception. List out everything you want, cross out things you don’t need and start researching the best places to order from. The vendors you’ve already enlisted might be able to give you recommendations. If not, reach out to friends and family and see if they have any.

Order Groom & Ushers’ Attire

Now it’s time for the groom to get into the groove. If you’re taking the formal route, you’ll have to find a trusted place to rent a tux. Take the time to do a little research, browse some different looks and get measured by a professional. If you want to add a splash of color, pull from the wedding style choices you’ve already made. A tuxedo isn’t the only way to make an impression however. For a beach wedding, linen pants with nice white shirts make a lovely statement. Dress for the environment and of course, your own personal style.

The ushers’ attire typically mimics those of the guests. However, if the groom and groomsmen are wearing tuxedos, the ushers should wear the same one as well. If it is a more casual event, choose an appropriate style (like the beachwear mentioned above) and coordinate all the ushers to match.

Purchase Wedding Rings

With dozens of different styled rings out there, it’s important to narrow down your choices before you even head to the store. Don’t get too hung up on what’s trendy or what your partner likes—you’ll be the one wearing it! And what’s trendy today may not be trendy 40 years from now when you’re still happily married. So, don’t be afraid to go with what works best for your lifestyle. People rarely take off their wedding rings so sizing it right is key. Do go in for a fitting when you’re calm and your body temperature is normal. Don’t go in right after a workout or a day at the beach.

These last four months are all about finalizing the details. From your menu to the music, it’s time to get everything in place and ready to go. Plus, the more you get off your plate the more you can enjoy your last few months as an engaged couple!

Finalize the Menu

The menu is without a doubt the tastiest part of wedding planning. When picking out what you’ll be putting on the plate, you have to find the balance of what you and your partner like and what your guests like. More popular cuts of meat and fish are most likely going to go over better than—let’s say—beef tongue.

The menu is also a fun place to incorporate some of your love story. Maybe on your first date you had an amazing salad or the first meal you cooked for your partner was pasta. Little details like this can be easily worked into your menu to make it even more special.

Finalize the Floral Arrangements

With four months to go, it’s time to make the final arrangements for your floral arrangements. Some florists create mock-ups of your centerpieces and other major arrangements (sometimes at an extra cost) for you to give the O.K. or make some adjustments. Now that more of your wedding details are together, it’s important to make sure the flowers you originally chose still work with the other decor. Flowers will be one of your largest expenses so take the time to make sure they are exactly what you are looking for.

Book Hair & Makeup Appointment

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you. Spending time finding the perfect hair and makeup artist is key to making you feel good on the big day. Booking an appointment far in advance gives you the opportunity to have a consultation and even a few trials. Look for ones that have a big portfolio of bride work. If you’re trying something new—like fake lashes—try them out before your wedding day. Not only will this show you what they will look like, but what they will feel like. And it’s much better than pulling off your lashes mid-ceremony.

Also keep in mind that your hair and makeup style will need to look good both in person and in pictures. While a fuller face of makeup stands out more in pictures, it could be a bit much as you greet your guests. But don’t worry, a seasoned makeup artist should have no problem finding that balance.

Select a Playlist with Your Band/DJ

From your first dance to the last song, your music will be a huge part of your wedding ambience. And since you’ll most likely be playing to a diverse audience, variety is crucial. Mix up popular favorites with old time classics, slow songs, fast songs, songs you can sing too and songs you can dance to.

It’s also important to decide how much freedom to give your band or DJ. Do you want them sticking to a strict playlist? Can they take requests? Can they throw in some of their own selections in there? Have an open and honest conversation with them and everything should run smoothly.

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