4 Weeks to Go... Wedding Planning Aspects to Consider

Updated: May 5, 2019

For months, you’ve been counting down the months. Now, there are only four weeks left. As the big day approaches, it’s all about getting the little details in order. Plan your final meetings with vendors, confirm the schedule and get your guests all in order.

Finish Recording RSVPs and Contact Guests Who Haven’t Responded

As your RSVP deadline comes and goes, record the final responses that come in. Wait a few days for any stragglers and follow up the ones that are still missing with a phone call. You should call your own friends and family and your partner should call theirs. If you’re having trouble getting a hold of a distant relative—like your mom’s second cousin’s daughter’s niece—it might be better to have someone like your mom do the tracking down.

If you prefer to contact people through email, make sure you send each one individually. It’s more personal and ensures no one feels embarrassed in front of other friends or family.

Make Your Seating Plan for the Reception

Your Uncle Larry doesn’t get along with your friend Tom and your cousin Gina refuses to sit by your second cousin Kathryn. Tension among certain friends and family members is inevitable and unavoidable. Take these relationships into consideration first when planning your seating chart and then arrange the rest around those.

Your seating chart will have a big effect on the ambience of your reception so don’t worry too much about sticking to tradition and do what works best for your friends and family. Some people will enjoy sitting by people they haven’t seen in years and some people love spending time with people they see every day. You know your friends and family better than anyone, so just follow your instinct.

Meet with Your Photographer/Videographer

As you get closer to your wedding day, stay in touch with your vendors to make any last-minute adjustments and go over the day-of plan one last time. When meeting with your photographer/videographer, have your final list of must-have shots. At this point, you should nearly every detailed plan so if new things or ideas have popped into your head since the initial meeting, now is the time to discuss them so your photographer/videographer can be fully prepared to capture every perfect moment.

Decide On & Order Your Wedding Favors

Looking for a great way to make your wedding favor stand out? Make it personal. Find a way to work in a fun part of your love story and then it will not only be a fantastic favor but a conversation starter as well. Pack them in pretty packaging so guests won’t forget to grab them on their way out after a few sips and spins on the dance floor.

They say practise makes perfect. And even though every wedding is perfect in its own way, every couple should get some practice in these last few weeks. From your vows to your first dance, nurture that natural rhythm between you two and you’ll be more than ready when the day finally comes.

Practise Your First Dance

Whether you or your partner have two left feet or not, practising your first dance before your wedding day is always a good idea. If you want to work some professional looking moves into your routine (or at least try!), take a lesson or two at a studio. Not only will this get you moving and grooving, but it’s a great excuse for a date night.

If you’re in a more spontaneous mood, turning on a tune and dancing barefoot around the living room works just fine too.

Write Vows & Toasts

If you and your partner are writing your own vows, actually write them. You don’t have to read them word for word on the big day, but you should have some more structured thoughts before you get up in front of a room full of people. Emotions are high and even the most practised speakers can become flustered.

The same can be said for any toasts you or your partner might be giving. Maybe you’re planning on saying a nice thank you to everyone who came to celebrate and those who helped make your big day happen. Writing things down beforehand will ensure you don’t leave anyone out!

Start to Wear-In Your Wedding Shoes

When you’re walking down the aisle, it’s better if you’re not wobbling down it. Wearing-in your wedding shoes can give you a steadier step and prevent those pesky little things called blisters.

Scuff up the soles of your shoes with sandpaper or concrete—any abrasive surface will do—to give you a better grip. Start out by wearing them around the house with a thick pair of socks to get them to mold to your feet. And before the big day, take them for a real spin. Practise your walk down the aisle, bust a few moves and you’ll be good to go!

Update Your Registry

In the last few weeks leading up to your wedding, your registry will be hit hard. Keep an eye on it and update as necessary. But just like when you first created it, think about what you truly need, and then what you want. In other words, don’t just add things for the sake of adding things. Maybe there are certain items that you decided against adding before since you already had them. Now, maybe upgrading that old toaster or serving bowl makes more sense.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all gift options, you could set up a honeymoon or cash registry. With a honeymoon registry (there are plenty of sites for this), guests could pay for things like your entrance into the Colosseum or a surfing lesson in Hawaii. This is a great alternative if you—or your guests—want to take a break from traditional gifts.

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