5 Makeup Styles to Match Wedding Dress Trends

Envisioning your bridal look may begin with the dress, but it ends with the makeup. Like icing on your wedding cake, choosing whether to wear a smokey eye or a bold lip depends heavily on the gown you’ll wear. For 2019, exciting makeup trends are pairing up with romantic and daring choices in bridalwear every bride will adore.

Healthy Glowing Skin

Get started with a superb skincare regimen early, because healthy skin is the most beautiful makeup trend going in 2019. Your eyes may be popping, and you may adorn your lips in your favorite shade, but luminous skin that looks soft and supple is the best beauty gift you can give yourself on your wedding day.

Healthy skin is the best compliment to any bridal look you choose. To help your skin along, try using dewy foundations, subtle contouring, and soft highlighters to accentuate your natural beauty.

Bold Eyes and Brows

Formal weddings often feature sophisticated traditional gowns with dramatic detail. In 2019, full-bodied evening gowns in luxurious buttery fabrics are on trend.

Choosing a smokey eye or smartly lined brow will complete this timeless look with elegance. Keep the rest of your makeup subtle to accentuate this bold eye. Also, if you don’t typically wear this look, make sure you’ve practised it a few times to ensure you’re comfortable with it.

Neutral Palettes and Rosy Tones

Outdoor weddings featuring romantic, flowing dresses that are so popular this year should be adorned by an equally romantic makeup look in 2019. Rosy toned or coral blushes, shadows, or lips and subtle, neutral contours shows off a bride’s natural beauty and keeps the attention on the romantic details of the total bridal look.

Metallic Shadows

For the bride getting married in an evening wedding or unconventional ceremony, metallic shadows can be the perfect match for a smart bridal pantsuit, jumpsuit, or a dramatic gown with sexy silhouettes or plunging necklines that are so in this year. Metallic shadows are perfect for brides that have an eye for drama, and who aren’t afraid to make a bold statement.

Bold Lips

Matte Lips in bold color are big for 2019, especially bright poppies or scarlet reds. Brides with bold matte lip color aren’t afraid to make a statement for their wedding day. Cocktail style wedding dresses or gown separates that are so popular this year are the perfect companion to the bold lip look. Traditional gowns with simple lines will also pair perfectly with brightly colored lips.

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