5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Wedding Photography

Your wedding photography is one of the most important elements of the big day itself, even more important than the videographer! That’s because you will put your photographs out on display in your home, for everyone to admire, for many years to come.

A really good quality wedding photographer should be able to produce some incredible images for both of you to enjoy, no matter what venue you choose, what time of day or the lighting. However, it’s also about you working with your photographer to get the very best possible finished pictures. Here are some top tips from us at The Caledonia Design Co. to help you get the most from your wedding photography:

1 Research Photographers

You might adore the photographs from your best friend’s wedding but before you sign on the dotted line and part with your deposit, do some other research. Some photographers work better with different couples. Choose three photographers to “interview” and meet up with them. Look at their portfolios and if you can, speak to other couples who used them too. It’s not just about their work: you need to get along and feel a “connection” to ensure you’re the right fit.

2 Talk about What You Like and Don’t Like

Tell your photographer what you like and don’t like. For example, some couples don’t like “staged” photography, preferring natural looking images. Others like outdoor photography and some prefer big, family photographs. You might prefer black and white, or colour, or a combination – but do be upfront with your preferences and also trust your photographer as he or she will know what’s right for both of you too.

3 Have a Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot

Having an engagement shoot is beneficial as it’s a great way of a photographer getting to know you both and seeing what works the best for your big day. It’s a way to get personality to shine through and irons out any dislikes before the wedding day. Additionally, some couples are camera-shy so it’s a good opportunity to relax in front of a camera and just trust your photographer when it comes to the real thing! It might also be the first time both of you have enjoyed a photography shoot together – treat it as a practice-run!

4 Prepare a Photography List

Form a list of people that you definitely want featured in your photos, and of any specific shots you want. You want your photographer to know who the parents of the couple are, important friends and guests and also if you want any extra people featured. There’s nothing worse than seeing 15 images of a distant cousin mistaken for an important aunt!

5 Make Sure you have Supplier Co-operation

It’s a good idea to tell suppliers who your photographer is and vice versa because you need co-operation between all. For example, your photographer might want to take images of your bouquet and floral arrangements, so get them in contact with each-other so they know who they are dealing with before the big day and so they can make any arrangements between them that they might want.

On a final note, you’ll really get the most out of your wedding photography, by simply relaxing and enjoying your day. Don’t stress about how you look in the pictures as this can create wooden expressions and fixed poses. Your photographer is well-trained in the art of helping you relax, and will instinctively know what the best angles are and how to capture both of you at your very best.

So, once you’ve made that photographer decision, leave all the hard work in his or her capable hands!

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