7 Sanity Saving Tips for Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding is one major endeavor. Taking it to a destination means amping up the preparations to a whole new level. Luckily, with a little foresight and plenty of organization, your destination wedding can be a positively enjoyable experience neither you nor your guests are likely to forget for a lifetime.

Getting from point A to point “I do” somewhere far, far away can be a breeze if you keep the following points in mind:

1. Set Your Budget and Keep It Firm

You must know what financial parameters to work within. Decide just how much you’re willing to spend overall (including airfare, accommodations, the ceremony, and the reception), and don’t deviate from your target budget.

2. Keep the Guest List Manageable

While holding a wedding close to home affords you the ability to invite anyone you’ve ever shared a kind word with, a destination wedding requires much more precision in the guest list.

Grab your wedding planning journal and your partner, and devote some time to figuring out who should stay and who should go. This step is even more critical if you are footing the bill for travel and lodging.

3. Consider a Post Reception Reception

If your destination wedding boasts a pretty small guest list, you may want to consider taking a small portion of your budget to hold an after-wedding party for all of those guests you would have invited had you stayed local.

It’s a great way to continue the celebration of your new marriage with the people you love. It also keeps the pressure off of you to invite people you may not necessarily want at your destination wedding.

4. Hire a Destination Based Wedding Planner

If your dream wedding is in a locale where party planners are available — and they are available just about anywhere — you may want to hire a reputable local planner to take care of all of the onsite preparations such as venue, decor, catering, etc.

5. Ditch the Formalities

Getting everybody involved to the destination and settled in may be somewhat of a juggling act. If the turnaround between arrival and wedding is relatively quick, you may take some stress your plate by making your wedding and reception less formal. Those involved won’t feel the pressure to get everything right, and you won’t have to sweat making sure a thousand little details are addressed before you say “I do.”

6. Rent a House for Your Wedding Party

If you’re footing the bill to put your wedding party up in hotel rooms, consider renting a house instead. You may save a bit of dough, and you’ll also have all your key people in one accessible location anytime you need to get together to go over details.

7. Don’t Rush It

If you have only enough budget to get to your destination one day, get married the next, and send your guests home the next day after that, you may be rushing it. Weigh the options and determine if a lower cost destination, or shrinking the size of the guest list will give you the time you and your guests need to enjoy your dream wedding together.

Lastly, keep the communication flowing, write down all the details and new ideas in one central planner, and remember what this big day is all about. It will be the happiest day of your life no matter where in the world you choose it to take place.

Our Dream Wedding Planners make planning your perfect day a breeze!


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