Five Fresh Ways to Maximize Your Floral Design Budget

Wedding planning can be a surreal adventure, and a bit of an eye-opener too, especially when it comes to balancing the budget. Now is the time to visualize everything you want your wedding to be, right down to the gown… the cake… and of course, the flowers. Even for the most laid-back bride, floral design is one category that not many can do without.

Once you’ve pinpointed how much you’re willing to spend, look around at the options available to you. You may just find with a little ingenuity you can stretch each flower dollar pretty far. Here are a few suggestions to help you do precisely that.

1. Buy from a Flower Wholesaler

Depending on where you live or the location of your venue, a flower wholesaler may be an option. If you have a good idea of the kind of flowers you want, and you’ve got some ready and willing volunteers, your budget may go further by purchasing all of the flowers and greens from a wholesaler.

Visit the wholesaler first to get an idea of their operation. Are their flowers and greenery in good shape? Are they friendly and happy to work with you? Also, bring pictures and names of each flower you’re interested in buying and backup options in case the wholesaler does not carry the flower you want. Remember, this is not a full-service florist, so you’ll need to go with your brain fully loaded with fabulous floral ambition.

You’ll also need to seriously consider if you have the time, talent, and tenacity required among your pool of family and friends to arrange the flowers yourself, and lovingly transport them to the wedding and reception.

2. Invite Others to Give the Gift of Flowers

If you care more about having a beautiful experience and less about the exact kind and quantity of flowers present at your wedding, consider making your guests a part of the entire process.

When the invites go out, and the RSVPs come in, ask your guests to bring a simple bouquet with them as part of their gift to you. Then, supply a vase or other container at each reception table ready to be filled with a dazzling assortment of colors and sizes. You can even ask your guests to bring in flowers of a specific color for uniformity.

3. Choose Paper for Your Bridal Bouquets

A creative way to maximize your floral budget if it’s on the smaller side is by creating paper flower bouquets. Many wedding decor websites feature beautiful roses, dahlias, peonies, and many others all made from paper. Invite your bridal party to create their bouquets together with you. You may be surprised just how stunning these bouquets can be. Bonus: you can make them anytime in advance, and they last forever.

4. Go All Out on Color

Sometimes if you restrict yourself to a particular color palette, the price of your floral design may climb uncomfortably high due to restrictions in supply or color availability. By opening up the options beyond specific colors or specific types, your florist may have more wiggle room to give you the most stunning arrangements at truly the best price.

5. ’Tis the Season for Weddings… and Wildflowers

When wedding season is at its peak, so are the wildflowers. If you’re planning an outside wedding or reception that’s more rustic or rural, such as at a vineyard or old country estate, consider decking out the party digs with local wildflowers in bloom. Many country wedding venues also feature U-pick wildflower farms in the area. Just make sure you give them a call first to see how their supply is looking before you head their way.

Find further tips on planning your dream wedding in our other blog articles, and you can find our Dream Wedding Planners in our store.

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