It's The Day Before your Wedding Day!

One last sleep and you'll be beaming with your bride or grooving with your groom. By now, everything should be in place, and everyone should be ready to celebrate. This last day is all about packing things up and getting the party started!

Pack for Your Wedding Night & Honeymoon

After a long day of dancing, laughing, smiling and crying, you’re going to want to shed those shoes and slip into something more comfortable on your wedding night. The day before, set aside some time to pack the necessities: makeup remover and any other toiletries you need, pajamas, a swimsuit if the place you’re staying has a pool or hot tub, a garment bag, clothes for the next day, phone charger and wallet.

When packing for your honeymoon, the most important thing to remember is your documentation. Passports, visas, travel insurance—whatever your trip calls for. Things like clothes, sunscreen, hats and gloves can be bought (unless you're honeymooning to a desert island) if you forget them. The specific items you need to pack will depend on your final destination. But overall, remember to bring a good mix of comfortable daytime clothes and a few dressier nighttime outfits. And don’t forget to bring along a camera because unlike your wedding day, you won’t have someone following you around with one!

Rehearse the Ceremony with the Wedding Party

The night before your wedding, everyone involved in the big day will get together for the rehearsal. You’ll practice walking down the aisle, figuring out where to stand and where to go when. Once you get the flow of the ceremony down, everyone will gather for the rehearsal dinner. With everything ready to go, this is the time to laugh with friends and family and unwind from all the stress of wedding planning.

Rest Up for the Big Day

With all of the emotions and excitement for your wedding day, getting a good night's sleep might seem impossible, but it's important. If you have a solid nighttime routine that ensures you wake up feeling rested, stick as closely to that as you can. If you're someone who typically has trouble falling asleep, swap the TV show for a book or try a meditation app. Whatever keeps your mind calm and clear so when the sun comes up, you're ready to conquer the big day.

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