Putting the Wow in Your Vows: The Ultimate Guide to Vow Writing

Choosing to write your vows is a precious decision that should never be taken lightly. Vow writing may seem somewhat intimidating if poetic prose is not your strong suit.

Put your mind at ease now. Vow writing is not about carefully stitching together masterful confessions of your adoration for each other. Vow writing merely is about expressing your love and commitment in the most transparent, heartfelt way possible.

When the time has come to choose your words, keep the following guidelines in mind.

1. Just Write

Don’t worry about painting the picture all in one sitting. Instead, start by writing whatever comes to mind when you think about your partner and your life together. Don’t filter. Just start writing. This flow of thought will serve as your trove of ideas and feelings from which to draw when the time comes to put your vows together.

2. Write Over the Course Of Several Sessions

You don’t need to expect to make your vows happen all at once, especially if writing is not something that comes naturally to you. If you become frustrated at any point that the words aren’t taking shape like you want them to, walk away and come back to it later. Don’t spend more than 30 minutes on any one writing session if the words aren’t flowing freely.

3. Jot Down Thoughts as They Come

You never know when a smidge of sweet thought about your partner will flutter through your mind. Keep a pad of paper or your smartphone close by as you move through your day, so you can jot down little bits of inspiration as they come to incorporate .

4. Cover the Past, Present, And Future

When structuring your vows, a dependable format to use that will help with the flow is past, present, future. Think about how you two first met and what you loved most about those days. Then move to the present, writing your feelings about your partner and your relationship today. Lastly, write about your hopes for you, your relationship, and life with your partner in the future.

5. Prioritize Your Promises

Ultimately vows are all about what you promise you will be, do, or provide for your partner for the rest of your life together. It may be the case that you have a hundred things you want to say because your relationship is so precious to you. Your job is to prioritize your promises and express the three to five ones that mean the most to you.

6. Don’t Procrastinate!

We all do it. We wait until the last minute, and then feel a surge of energy to be productive fueled by the urgency to get the job done. For some of us, this is our most productive period. But for many, it ends up falling slightly short of the mark. Write often in small sessions during the two months before your wedding. The last two weeks before the big day will be hectic. So if you have the bulk of your writing done by then, putting your final thoughts together will be a breeze.

7. Speak from the Heart and Don’t Sweat the Rest

When you’re writing your vows, try to think only about what you want your partner to hear. Don’t let yourself be pressured by what others close to you think you should say. Just speak from the heart and your vow will guarantee to wow.

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