Saying “I Do” to The Reception Dress

Trends in wedding style come and go, but one look that has been in the spotlight for a while is the reception dress. Many brides flock toward the thought of a reception dress for a variety of reasons, and rightfully so. A reception dress adds one more layer of romantic complexity to a momentous occasion.

But how do you know if a reception dress is right for you? Here are some essential questions to ask yourself to determine if you should say “I do,” to the reception dress.

1. Do you have the perfect wedding gown tattooed in your mind?

Your level of commitment to your own wedding gown will tell you whether or not you should even consider only wearing it for the ceremony then discard it for a reception dress.

If you’ve lovingly poured over images of gowns and saved away the few ones that pull at your heart strings, when the time comes to wear it on your wedding day, cherish it. Don’t go for the reception dress. Wear your wedding dress for the entirety of the occasion with no regrets.

2. Do you find yourself wrapping yourself up in the romanticism of the day?

If you envision every stage of the big day to include the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and farewell as a different unique event, then you may want to accompany the ceremony and reception with its own dress.

3. How long is the ceremony?

Some traditional services can take a considerable amount of time. Depending on the length and formality of your ceremony, you may just be ready to let your hair down a bit when the reception is underway.

If your ceremony is very formal and necessitates an equally formal gown, the reception may be that one opportunity for you to get a little more comfortable and truly enjoy this momentous occasion the way it should be enjoyed.

4. How healthy is your budget?

If you’ve got plenty of wiggle room in your wedding day budget, then considering a reception dress may be a carefree option. But, if you need to be a little more strategic with your wedding day dollar, then prioritizing the most important components of your wedding may be the tactic to take when considering whether or not to wear a reception dress.

5. Will you keep your wedding dress forever?

Some brides like to keep their wedding gowns with lovely visions of their little ones growing up and walking down the aisle in the same dress one day. Other brides enjoy their gowns on their wedding, dry clean it, then sell or rent it for other brides to feel beautiful in too.

If you plan on keeping your wedding dress forever, then wearing it throughout the entire event may not be the best thing to do, especially if your reception is being held outdoors where dirt can easily have its way with the hemline. Decide how important preserving your wedding dress is to you, and go from there.

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