Top 10 Trends in Wedding Invitations

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Chances to get crazy with creativity come often during the process of planning a wedding. Perhaps one of the most fanciful, unique, and authentic expressions of this exciting time is the wedding invitation.

Your invitation sets the tone for the wedding, gives the guests a first-hand peek at what to expect, and serves as a pure expression for your wedding identity. When the time comes for invitation shopping, throw the rules out the window and let the imagination fly. Be sure to choose the invitation that fits your taste and matches your budget perfectly. And most of all, have fun!

Here are our Top 10 Wedding Invitation Trends For 2019...

1. Laser Cut, Vellum Paper, Or Geometric Design

Packing the invitation, RSVP card, and reception card all in one envelope can get a little boring. Try decking one of these cards out with laser cut paper, vellum paper, or cards cut in interesting geometric design.

2. Full Photo Invitations

If you’ve had an engagement photo session done, or you have a beautiful photo of you and your partner you want to have last forever, consider using it as the background to your wedding invitation. Prospective guests may be inclined to keep it on the fridge to serve as a reminder of the big day.

3. Envelopes and Invites Rich with Color

Dark plums and navies, among other vibrant colors, are very popular for 2019. If you’re planning to have bold color in your wedding, then why not have it a part of your invitation too? Guests will be excited to see what your wedding is all about if they receive a gorgeous, color-drenched invitation in the mail.

4. Mixed Metals

Use gold, rose gold, silver, or bronze embellishments to communicate the tone of your wedding. A touch of precious metal here and there is a great way to prepare your guests for a fabulous evening celebrating the couple’s new marriage.

5. Wax Seals

Placing a wax seal on the outside envelope is the icing on the cake for any romantic wedding. A throwback to all things fanciful and feminine, a waxed seal shows your prospective guests just how much TLC you’re putting in every detail of the wedding, including the invitations.

6. Handmade Detailing

Invitations artfully made by hand never go out of style. Especially in trend this year is hand drawn calligraphy or bouncy script in all or part of the invite, watercolor edging, or other painted detail communicating the wedding theme or location.

7. Monograms

One fun take on wedding invitations is to create a header with a monogram taken from the last names of each partner. Don’t worry about traditional lettering. Instead, have fun with designing your monograms and decorate them in whatever embellishment represents you as a couple the most.

8. Maps

Whether you’re cutting one of your invite cards in the shape of your state, or providing directions on the back of your reception card, a little map to show your guests the way to the event, especially if it’s off the beaten path, is the perfect way to make sure everyone makes it on schedule.

9. Pattern Lined Envelopes

Every detail of the wedding invitation is subject to creative expression, even the inside of the envelope. Consider lining your invite envelope in beautiful florals or patterns that match the beauty of the invitation itself.

10. Deckle Edges

A perfect companion to handwritten script or watercolor painted motifs is deckle edging. A roughened envelope or invitation edge can instantly set the tone for the rest of the wedding, whether your event has a whimsical feel or a garden party inspired motif.

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