Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends For 2019

In 2019 wedding rules have gone out the window. No need to feel constrained by traditional expectations, brides can express a unique vision for their special day however they see fit. One of the most expressive statements any bride can make is her wedding dress.

This year bridal trends span the spectrum of imagination, from whimsical and flirty, to dramatic and sophisticated. Wedding dress separates, pants suits, or traditional ball gowns; cocktail dresses, puffy sleeve wonders, or cascades of soft floral, wedding dresses in 2019 have redefined the bridal look in bold, exciting new ways.

1. Romantic Long Sleeves

While a strapless gown will always be a beautiful option, sleeved dresses are an elegant alternative for a wedding affair any time of year, indoors or out. Simple tapered sleeves elongate the body and up the level of sophistication. Venture into the realm of whimsy with romantic puffy sleeves that gently drape off of the arm.

2. Plunging Necklines

Whether you’ve gone sleeved or sleeveless, a plunging neckline is one more way to elongate the frame. Don’t be afraid to try this look on no matter if you’re small or large busted. Long, plunging necklines on delicate lace or shimmery evening fabric.

3. Capelets And Shrugs

Function and fanciful, capelets or shrugs keep brides comfortably beautiful this year. Try a lacy shrug strategically draped across the torso, or wear a sophisticated capelet down the aisle that you can remove just in time to party at the reception.

4. PantSuits And Jumpsuits

Designers for the 2019 spring and fall season have paid homage to the fact that not every bride feels comfortable in a dress. Enter a wide variety of pantsuits and jumpsuits in an assortment of fabrics and looks from super feminine to ultimately sleek.

5. Traditional Ball Gowns

For evening traditional ball gowns are making a big comeback in 2019. We’re talking luxurious, buttery fabrics with long voluminous skirts that make bold, romantic statements. With these ball gowns, details and embellishments are kept to a minimum so that thoughtfully placed lines and contours are on full display.

6. Short And Playful

Some brides prefer pants over dresses, and others prefer short and flirty over full length and romantic. Keep your eye out for shorter hemlines that say bride, but with a little attitude. Shorter bridal gowns are a precisely perfect fit for those weddings aimed at getting to the heart of the celebration by removing the pomp and circumstance of the affair.

7. The Crop Top

Yes, the crop top has found its way into bridal fashion for 2019, but in such surprisingly sophisticated ways, you’ll shock yourself at how quickly you fall in love with these pieces. Crop top and bridal skirt separates are deftly executed by designers with a unique vision, creating gorgeous silhouettes that tell the world this bride is sophisticated and daring.

8. A Bit Of Color

Whether it’s a splash of jewel toned color or a pinch of bold accents scattered throughout the dress, color has made its way into the lineup for 2019. This twist on traditional bridal looks may be just what you need if you’re looking for a little bit of daring without going outside the realm of conventional.

9. Tiered Dresses

If you want a beautiful dress without all of the extravagance and fabric weight, try going for a tiered look. A bridal gown with tiers is complex and exciting, sophisticated, and most importantly, carefree to wear.

10. Floral Embellishments

Look for dresses drenched in floral embellishments this year, whether in the form of small lace cutouts that cover the body from head to toe, or large decorative accents placed in key places along the contour of the dress.

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